CHENDI is a BD artist currently based in Geneva, Switzerland.  She loves history and culture. Most of her inspiration derives from her studies in German literature and her living in European countries. She is an expert in fiction storytelling. Her secret is to keep observing the world, document it for use in her own stories.
She is now working on bandes desinees with French publishers.

2020   Merit, 3x3 No.17 International Illustration Show
2019    Gold Medal Winner, 3x3 No.16 International Illustration Show

2023     BD: La Rhapsodie du Ciel - Tome 1: Uncle Mécano, Editions Paquet  
2023     BD: L'extraordinaire Traversée de Julius Crevecoeur, Editions Sarbacane 
2020      Calendar book: A World Bookshop Tour with Penguin, Penguin Random House
2020      BD: The Historian, Self-Published
2020      Picture Book: The Guardians of the Byzantine Empire, Self-Published
2019      BD Pitch Book: At The Captain’s Table, Self-Published
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