Chendi Xu is an illustrator and comics artist based in Baltimore, Maryland, US. She is 24 years old and loves history and culture. Most of her inspiration derives from her studies in German literature and her living in European countries. She is expert in fiction storytelling. Her secret is to keep observing the world, document it for use in her own stories.
She often misses her family and her cat, Tofu, in Shanghai. 

She is open for commissions starting May 2020.

2020   Merit, 3x3 No.17 International Illustration Show
2019    Runner-up, Creative Quarterly 58, 59
2019    Gold Medal Winner, 3x3 No.16 International Illustration Show

2019      Comic Pitch Book: At The Captain’s Table, Self-Published
2019      Fabric Illustration: Venice, Airui Culture & Media Co.,Ltd
2019      Fabric Illustration: Cats And Artists, White Street Fashion Design Studio
2018      Magazine Illustration: Childhood Memory, Senyu Entertainment
2018      Stationary Design: European Maids, Sannuus Original Design Studio
2018      Stationary Design: Kimono Girls, Yuyi Japanese Paper Studio
2018      Postcard Design: One Day Of Professor Abronsius, Self-Published
2018      Postcard Design: Zugzwang, Self-Published
2018      Postcard Design: Enjoy The Beer!, Stella Artois
2017      Comic: Schatten, Self-Published


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