​​​​Type: graphic novel
​​​Genre: historical fiction, crime, thriller
Size & Page:  8 x 10 inch, 140 pages
Short synopsis: 
Due to the great depression in the 1930s, life is difficult for ordinary people. Thus, it is a great surprise that a grumpy detective, a depressed clown and a paranoid housekeeper are invited as special guests to dinner at the captain’s table aboard Critamias, a luxurious ship. However, instead of having fun, the three end up murdered, without knowing the motive of the perpetrator, the captain. 
All of a sudden, the three come back to life at the captain's table. They realize that they are all dead but they've forgotten about their real deaths so the captain reveals the situation to them by reenacting their tragedies. They cope with their death differently, but one thing’s for sure, they can never go back. 
**This comic is represented by a publisher.
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