Type: graphic novel
Genre: historical fiction, black comedy
Size & Page: A4 , 140 pages
Keyword: black comedy, fiction, classical music, super ability, Vienna, Anschluss Österreichs (the annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany), Jews, Nazi, adventure
Josef, a Jew, a violinist and an eccentric 
nutcase, had a super ability to empathize the musical pieces and to have trans-time-and-space conversations with the musical composers while playing on his violin. He was obsessed in his talent and devoted his life to composing his own music.  However, Josef’s life changed dramatically after his violin was robbed at the crystal night, all along with the growing anti-Semitic movements. Being both unfortunate and lucky, Josef went through a series of drama: unemployment, family break-up, hide and seek, despair and suicide attempt… Out of pure coincident and silliness, he retrieved his violin from the Nazi and was accidentally offered to play for the Führer…
Josef and the Wonder Violin will be a 140-page graphic novel (fiction) with black humor and exaggeration, telling an adventure of an eccentric Jewish violinist during the Nazi era in Vienna, Austria. What could music eventually do in front of the greatest humanity crisis?
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