​​Type: graphic novel
​​​​​Genre: fiction, adventure​​​​​​​
Inspired by Rupert, a dead star pilot, 14-year-old Natalia is longing for sky adventure and has a great ambition: to be a woman pilot, which is not appreciated and approved by her father. After a fight against her father, Natalia begins a journey impulsively to her uncle living in Himmelheim: Alfred, Rupert’s former colleague, a genius mechanic according to her own knowledge, who has been out of contact with her family for a long time.
Different from the others in town, Alfred lives an isolated lifestyle. Now as an owner of a second-hand store, he lives in the deep forest and sells aircraft parts and converted functional items, such as a mobile bathtub. Alfred seldom goes to town and he is reluctant to socialize, except visiting an old gas station owner, Steve. Natalia wants to know why but Alfred refuses to bring this subject up.
The snowy mountainous city, Himmelheim, holds an international ski-flying competition every 4 years and this year there will be one. Natalia is excited and wants to attend. She tries to convince her uncle to join but he refuses, again. Natalia questions his reasons... Why is her uncle avoiding others? What happened to him in the past? She is determined to find it out.
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